Creating an Implementable Plan for Parks, Recreation and Trails in Erie County

​The goal of the planning process is a successful community. This process will focus on creating an implementable strategy based on community and stakeholder feedback through a variety of interactive events and activities.

This website is your go-to resource for the latest in community engagement activities, surveys, and updates so stay tuned for your opportunity to participate.

The Erie County Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan is a component of the Erie County Comprehensive Plan and is supported by by the Erie County Department of Planning. The plan will be formulated using PA Department of Community and Economic Development’s (DCED) Implementable Comprehensive Plan Approach which focuses participants’ energies on creating  more practical and desired development and community improvements. The result will be a strategic plan for focused investment in Erie County’s network of recreational assets and their connections to communities within Erie County.

  • Additionally, the plan will provide well-vetted and workable action plans, a well-constructed and realistic investment strategy for existing programmed funding and potential funding for Erie County that will enhance recreational assets and their connections to Erie County communities.
  • The Plan will also focus on what Erie County’s role is or should be in relation to parks, trails, open space, and recreational amenities and how to best fulfill this role.
  • The Plan assumes a 10-year planning horizon but will include a specific action plan that can be achieved within 5 years. ​​
  • The recommendations that result from the planning process will be informed by a robust but effective public engagement process, input from a comprehensive steering committee composed of strategic partner organizations, critical stakeholder groups, and the research and expertise of Alta Planning + Design.

Working Together to Build the Plan


You! The People of Erie ​County